Julian Iseringhausen Wins Eurographics PhD Award

At this year’s Eurographics Conference, Julian Iseringhausen was awarded the Eurographics’21 PhD Award.
In his PhD thesis, Julian Iseringhausen explored the problem of revealing information hidden in generalized image data, for settings where the physical scenes of interest are not directly observable due to obstruction or small size.

Using physics-informed models, computer graphics techniques and numerical simulation combined with discrete optimization, he pioneered novel calibration schemes for non-line-of-sight imaging setups, acquisition of unstructured light fields via water drops utilized as light field imagers, and physical realization of computational parquetry art.

The thesis has made possible to estimate the 3D geometry of a scene “around the corner” through time-resolved transient images, and to extract a full unstructured light field of a scene from a single photo of a glass pane with water drops on it. His research is now stimulating new research work.

Eurographics is pleased to present the Eurographics 2021 PhD Award to Julian Iseringhausen.

Congratulations from the group!

Eurographics'21 PhD Awards - Michal Piovarci, Ruslan Guseinov, Julian Iseringhausen