Unless otherwise noted, all e-mail addresses end on If you prefer fax, our shared number is +49 228 73-4212.

Group members

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias B. Hullin

Head of Lab Professor of Digital Material Appearance E-mail: hullin@… Phone: +49 228 73-54169

Clara Callenberg

PhD Researcher E-mail: callenbe@… Phone: +49 228 73-60636

M.Sc. Javier Grau Chopite

PhD Researcher E-mail: jgraucho at uni-bonn dot de Phone: +49 228 73-60642

M.Sc. Weizhen Huang

PhD Researcher E-mail: whuang@… Phone: +49 228 73-60740

M.Sc. Markus Plack

PhD Researcher E-mail: mplack@… Phone: +49 228 73-4546

Artem Adam

Bachelor’s Student

Philipp Mikus

Bachelor’s Student

Andreas Diesendorf

Bachelor’s Student

Candice Ottersbach

Bachelor’s Student

Julian Jungius

Bachelor’s Student

Peer Schütt

Bachelor’s Student

Associated researchers

  • Dr. Michael Weinmann, postdoc in Reinhard Klein’s group

Former members / graduates

Dr. Jonathan Klein

PhD Researcher E-mail: kleinj@…

Dr. rer. nat. Sebastian Werner (now at Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy)

PhD Researcher E-mail: werners@…

Dr. rer. nat. Julian Iseringhausen

PhD Researcher / Postdoc (now at Google Research) E-mail:

Dr. rer. nat. Rodrigo Martín (now at Banco Santander)

Dr. rer. nat. Zdravko Velinov (now at Ubisoft)

Patrick Hähn

Bachelor’s Student

M. Sc. Karine Osipova-Häuselmann

Master’s Student
  • Jaime Martín (M.Sc.)
  • Eduardo Cisneros (M.Sc.)
  • Holger Luther (Dipl.-Inform.)


  • 10/2015–03/2016: Nicholas Maggio, visiting PhD student from Rochester Institute of Technology
  • 1/2015–07/2015: Xuanwu Yin, visiting PhD student from Tsinghua University