About us

Welcome to the website of the Computational Light Transport Lab at the University of Bonn, led by Professor Matthias Hullin. We are part of the Institute of Computer Science II and closely associated with the Chair and Graduate School for Digital Material Appearance.

Our mission

Our research is dedicated to models and methods for digital material appearance, covering the foundations as well as pressing problems arising in an industrial context. Our interdisciplinary team of researchers covers the full range from the physical interaction of light and materials to multimodal mechanisms of appearance perception. At the center of our attention is the development of novel methods for measuring, simulating, analyzing and inverting the propagation of light at the boundary between computer graphics, optics and imaging, and computer vision. We work to improve the accuracy and performance of models of real-world phenomena, to replace rare and expensive imaging hardware by computational methods, and to develop unforeseen sensing modalities that unlock new application cases.