Non-Line-of-Sight Reconstruction using Efficient Transient Rendering

Julian Iseringhausen, Matthias B. Hullin
ACM Transactions on Graphics 39 (1), 2020.


Being able to see beyond the direct line of sight is an intriguing prospective and could benefit a wide variety of important applications. Recent work has demonstrated that time-resolved measurements of indirect diffuse light contain valuable information for reconstructing shape and reflectance properties of objects located around a corner. In this paper, we introduce a novel reconstruction scheme that, by design, produces solutions that are consistent with state-of-the-art physically-based rendering. Our method combines an efficient forward model (a custom renderer for time-resolved three-bounce indirect light transport) with an optimization framework to reconstruct object geometry in an analysis-by-synthesis sense. We evaluate our algorithm on a variety of synthetic and experimental input data, and show that it gracefully handles uncooperative scenes with high levels of noise or non-diffuse material reflectance.

SIGGRAPH 2020 Conference Presentation


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